Adam goldberg christina ricci dating

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Adam goldberg christina ricci dating

Ricci is the fourth and the youngest child in her family to Rafael Ricci, Dante Ricci and Pia Ricci.At a very small age Christina, along with her family moved to Montclaire, New Jersey.She is now known as an actress who transitioned into critically acclaimed roles.

Actress Christina Ricci has been nominated for total twenty-five awards till 2016 and has won thirteen of them altogether.

The dream of their fans seeing them getting married really became a dream.

Christina and James Heerdegen met while working for ‘Pan Am’ and fell in love.

Later, in 1996, she won Best Performance by a Young Actor for Casper at Saturn Awards.

Similarly, she won five awards for opposite sex, Buffalo 66 in 19.

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Versatile actress Christina has performed in fifty-one films all together, thirteen television series and four music videos.