Accommodating multiple learning styles

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Accommodating multiple learning styles

It is wrong to apply any methodology blindly and unquestioningly, and wrong not to review and assess effectiveness of methods used.

That said, Learning Styles theories such as Kolb's model and VAK are included on this website for very broad purposes; these materials form a part of a much bigger range of concepts and other content concerning personality, self-awareness, self-development, and the development of mutual understanding and teams, etc., especially for the use in adult careers, work, business, management, human resources, and commercial training.

It’s important to know how to recognise students’ learning styles and know how to teach each type.Previously we’ve discussed what learning styles are, how they are different from multiple intelligences, and how to assess both.Remember, learning styles are how people learn successfully.See further notes about Learning Styles detractors and considerations below.Kolb's learning theory sets out four distinct learning styles (or preferences), which are based on a four-stage learning cycle.

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