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497 online dating bible only 10 copies sold

Whoever attempted to relate the new findings arriving from China to the Bible had no choice but to give up certain truths in order to save others.

Seen in this light, the tight framework of biblical truth led directly to creative hypotheses such as Stöcklein’s Chronology, which demonstrated two main shifts in the conceptualizing of universal history: first, Stöcklein emphasized the significance of the Old Reich and therefore decentred his universal history from western Europe to (mainly) Augsburg and Nuremberg; secondly, he envisaged the Far East rather than the Middle East and Europe as the geographical centre of Christian universalism and of the beginning of universal history.

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The texts have great historical, religious, and linguistic significance because they include the second-oldest known surviving manuscripts of works later included in the Hebrew Bible canon, along with deuterocanonical and extra-biblical manuscripts which preserve evidence of the diversity of religious thought in late Second Temple Judaism.

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This article focuses on the Chronology by the Graz Jesuit Joseph Stöcklein (1676–1732), published in 1729.

Since late antiquity, intellectuals have been crafting chronological works with a view to making apparent God’s actions in the world.

They represent the remnants of larger manuscripts damaged by natural causes or through human interference, with the vast majority holding only small scraps of text.

However, a small number of well-preserved, almost intact manuscripts have survived – fewer than a dozen among those from the Qumran Caves.

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