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240 equatorial guinea  dating site

As a result, transactional sex is a factor involved in the spread of AIDS in Africa. The Cameroonian government has attempted to stop this trade by agreeing to multilateral agreements such as charters against sex tourism, like signing up with the Universal Federation of Travels Agents Associations (UFTAA).

found that about two thirds of the prostitutes in the capitol, Bangui, worked part-time to supplement their income or to pay school and college fees.

A number of women's groups supported this as strengthening marriage.A study of Kampala teachers in 2008 showed that teachers were turning to prostitution to increase their income.A sex worker can earn around 1.5 million Ugandan shillings (£439) per month, whereas this would be a yearly wage for a secondary school teacher.Women and girls are reportedly subjected to sex trafficking in Comoros.Comorians may be particularly vulnerable to transnational trafficking due to a lack of adequate border controls, corruption within the administration, and the existence of international criminal networks involved in human smuggling.

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