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Understandably, some of my girl friends were extremely upset about her position. Then, if the relationship becomes serious, I would let her pay every now and then! A copywriter by profession, and a storyteller at heart, she dreams of one day going around the world to teach children how to read.

Our very own When In Manila Angeline even wrote her own opinion in an article Why I Shouldn’t Focus on Finding a ‘Rich Boy’. Then I’d try to gauge if she wants to go ‘KKB’, like based on her principles. It shows that while you’re willing to take charge, she’s willing to contribute. Same principle with LRT seats: give out of generosity, not out of some compelling tradition of conceit. She likes going places, but since she's still saving up for her own car, she makes do with bus rides.

Some were exciting, but most were washouts, like the one who “forgot” to bring his wallet. Recently, there was much fuss on social media about who should pay for the bill during a date. I’m not a huge fan of KKB on dates; it’s too business-like (unless that’s the kind of girl you’re going for, or you want to take things slowly); parang walang “transaction” between the two of you, and I don’t think it helps to build the relationship.

It all started when an influencer tweeted about how girls shouldn’t date boys who couldn’t take them out to movies or nice dinner places. It’s nice when the girl reciprocates with dessert or coffee, but there’s no need to do that all the time. And if you’ve been going out a while, treat the guy on his birthday. — Grant, 34 offer to pay, even though I wouldn’t let her. But deep inside, all this self-confessed fashion girl really enjoys are taking long walks, sipping green tea, and reading self-help books and shampoo labels.

Her active pursuit was fodder for many a raucous Whine and Roses Salon gatherings.

My kids think it’s very funny that I admit to being a” Jack Benny 39.” They didn’t think it was funny that I actually dated a man 20 years my junior.

Inquiring minds want to know and there is no pretense here.

The ‘Next Day’ question was, “Did he get to first base or strike out? Now, when my five girl friends get together for our monthly , on the pretense of discussing current events, we boldly go where no one we know has gone before.

We throw off the manacles of polite society- forget that – we go for candid and candor. And we quickly get down to basics, and put forth the un-ladylike, yet, very direct question: “Did you get any?

Sadly, Mitch died way too young and Kitty has always wished to replicate the storybook romance she had with Mitch.

In time, she climbed right back on that horse and started active pursuit.

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I eventually ended up trying Tinder after some friends convinced me that I wouldn’t meet anyone new, especially since I had already exhausted my social circles, and was even bro-zoned twice or thrice in each of them. I appreciate it when she insists, or at least offers to split the bill. It shows that while you’re willing to take charge, she’s willing to contribute.

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